Casual and fine dining solutions with Copper Moon 

Enjoying a cup of Copper Moon World Coffees is a great experience any time of the day. Customer acceptance of Copper Moon Coffees at our World Cafés has been 100% positive, and our guests keep coming back form everywhere in the country.

Each cup of Copper Moon Coffee that's poured in your establishment, offers your guests: A uniquely satisfying experience of some of the world great coffees.

Add a cup of Copper Moon Coffee to your menu today. We've got:

  • Pre-ground fractional packs and whole bean bulk
  • Regular and decaffeinated options
  • "Proudly Brewing Copper Moon World Coffees" Programs
  • Ancillary products (syrups, merchandise, point-of-sale materials)
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Office Coffee

Treat your staff to the great taste of Copper Moon Coffee

Treat your employees right with the great tasting coffees of Copper Moon. For companies who wish to treat their staff and visitors to something special, we offer the premium taste of Copper Moon Premium Coffees, Palm Island Coastal Coffees & Manatee Gourmet Coffees. All of our products are packaged conveniently for the office environment with smaller case counts and individual servings.


We also provide a variety of beverages and associated products including teas, hot cocoa, and condiments.


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In-Room Coffees

More of America's preferred hotels offer freshly brewed Copper Moon in-room coffees

Copper Moon has tradition of quality services and provider of premium in-room hotel coffee supplies. We offer both single cup in-room hospitality coffee programs and 4-cup guest room hospitality coffee programs.


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A great customer experience in every cup.

Your customers will love Copper Moon Coffees and the convenience. Our vending machines are easy to use and delivers a satisfying selection of delicious beverage options.


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