World Coffee Blends

Copper Moon World Coffees are blends of the very best Arabica coffees from around the world.  We are very careful to select only the finest beans for our world blends.  The coffee beans we roast are grown at high altitudes and in tropical climates where the soil is rich.  This rich soil combined with the right amount of rainfall, sunshine, temperature and altitude are the critical components to growing great coffee beans.


There are many different coffee growing countries around the world.  Each country may have several different growing regions and even specific plantations which experience various growing conditions.  The creation of great coffees involves the combination of these many factors. 

Sumatra Blend Kona Blend Kenyan Blend Costa Rican Blend Colombian Blend Colombian Decaf Blend Panama Blend Papua New Guinea Blend Costa Rican Tarrazu Blend Guatemalan Blend Nicaragua Blend Zimbabwe Blend

Premium Coffees

Copper Moon's Premium Coffees selection are well known blends that can be enjoyed all day, every day.  Our Premium coffees are smooth and distinctive and perfectly roasted to optimize the unique quality of each bean.

Breakfast BlendFrench Roast BlendEspresso BlendCoffee House Blend

Organic Coffees

Our 100% Organic Coffees are certified to have been grown in natural conditions.  Organic nutrients and careful attention to many details help produce this all natural, unique blend of Central and South American coffees.

Rain Forest Blend Nueva Del Sol Blend Aztec Moon Blend Eco Harvest Blend

Flavored Coffees

Copper Moon offers a variety of gourmet flavored coffees.  We use only the finest flavors to blend with our unique 100% Arabica coffees.  Also, we formulate each flavored coffee with just the right amount of flavor so you’ll enjoy the pleasant aroma and perfectly balanced taste with each cup.

Hazelnut Blend French Vanilla Blend Hawaiian Hazelnut Blend Tropical Delight Blend Hazelnut Decafc Blend Chocolate Almond Blend Chocolate Mint Blend Vanilla Blend German Chocolate cake Blend Gingerbread Blend Mocha Mint Blend Caramel Blend

Seasonal Coffees

Our Seasonal Blend Coffees are as unique as the seasons.  Each unique blend is crafted using only the finest 100% Arabica beans, for a perfectly balanced, enjoyable cup every time.

Pumpkin Spice Blend Holiday Spice Blend Southern Pecan Blend Iced Coffee Blend

Donut Café Coffees

Our Donut Café Coffee Collection is a classic All-American inspired coffee.

Classic Blend Classic Decaf Dark Roast Hazelnut Creme Cinnamon Swirl Vanilla Creme

Single Cup Hot Beverages

Our AromaCupTM coffees are designed for ideal flavor extraction and maximum aroma. You will love the rich, wonderful flavor of our 100 Arabica single serve coffees. As an added benefit, our AromaCup design is environmentally friendly containing 35% less plastic versus the rigid cup design.


Our Insta-cupTM hot beverages brings the flavors you love to your single cup brewer. You will love the rich, wonderful flavor of our great flavors. As an added benefit, our some Insta-cupTM beverages are fortified with vitamins and minerals and the Vanilla appuccino has the added benefit of a probiotic.

20 ct Kona Single Serve 20 ct Sumatra Serve 20 ct Costa Rican Single Serve 20 ct Kenyan Single Serve

Probiotic Coffees

Copper Moon Instant Coffees are enriched with Ganeden BC30 probiotic to support digestive and immune health.  Copper Moon instant coffees are full of great flavor and great taste.  The easy open stick packaging allows you to enjoy a great cup of coffee wherever you go.

French Vanilla Probiotic Colombian Probiotic

In-Room Coffees

Copper Moon offers a great selection of premium in-room hotel coffees.  Choose the blend and the size that’s right for you.  We can also customize a complete in-room coffee program for your environment.  Let us know how we can help.

Italian Roast Decaf Italian Roast

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