About Copper Moon Coffee:


Copper Moon Coffee has a rich history of roasting & packaging branded and private label specialty coffees to retailers and distributors throughout the United States.


We're very particular about the quality of our coffee. That's why we have invested in the very best roasting; processing and packaging equipment the industry has to offer. Also, we are privileged to have many wonderful, hard-working and dedicated people at Copper Moon who care about the quality of our work together. We hope you will find our coffees to be uniquely smooth, satisfying and enjoyable. Let us know your thoughts; we always appreciate your comments.


Our focus & mission is to passionately roast, pack & market excellent coffees for unique selling environments so that you can enjoy the Copper Moon brand at retailers, hotels, offices, grocers, convenient stores and foodservice distributors throughout North America.


Our Brand Culture is our company culture where we "live" Every day we work to add value and deliver the Copper Moon experience to our customers and retailers.


For centuries, mankind has been fascinated by the precious beauty of the rarely seen Copper Moon. A phenomenon so rare, it occurs only momentarily when the earth, sun and full moon are aligned in a fiery glow. Inspired by this rare celestial event comes this equally rare array of unique coffees. Perfectly balanced and blended with only the finest of coffees.


At Copper Moon, you're invited to enjoy a cup of coffee
the way we do. The only way any one of us really can.
With one simple reminder.


Slow down. Look up. Taste life.

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