The Art of Coffee Shipping

From the ripe red berries, we gather in 16 countries, across three continents, to our final specialty blends, moving our coffee beans from their source to your cup of coffee takes time, dedication and experience. We work hard to make sure unroasted coffee beans reach our warehouses without any contamination or compromise to our Copper Moon standards. Once in our warehouse, we take every step necessary to ensure the highest quality because we know the largest enemies of coffee freshness and taste profile are air, moisture, heat, and light.

After roasting and before sealing our freshly roasted beans in their bag, we flush each package with nitrogen to remove the oxygen and make sure our beans reach you airtight. We also use specially-designed barrier packaging to lock in freshness while keeping moisture, air, and light out until someone opens up our beans for the first time.

No matter where or when we ship these bags, we can be confident knowing all of our customers will receive what will become a perfect cup of coffee every time they open a bag of Copper Moon.