Ethiopian Single Cup
Ethiopian Single Cup
Ethiopian Single Cup
Ethiopian Single Cup

Ethiopian Single Cup

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Copper Moon Coffee Ethiopian Single Origin* Single Cup** is sourced from the Sidama Zone of Ethiopia, Africa. As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is known throughout the world for its rich coffee profiles. Our “Natural” processing brings out the slightly nutty quality of the beans but tends to be overshadowed by the robust fruitiness of grapefruit. Experience this coffee, like a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, where sharing a cup is an invitation of friendship.

*Single Origin coffee is harvested from a single source.
**For use in most single-serve brewing systems.

Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Sourcing

Grown & Harvested from a Single Source

Originating at altitudes between 1,400–2,100-meters in elevation. Hand-picked and processed in the heart of Indonesian islands, from the mountainsides of Africa, and along the coastal volcanic highlands of Central America.

How We Help You… Reach for the Moon®

Sustainably Sourced

SEE Copper Moon Rising™ focuses on three pillars. Social inclusion to empower women farmers. Economic impact on the income of small farmers. Environmental coffee production systems.

Carefully Roasted

From the first crack until the final roast, we won’t burn your beans! We have a delicate, handcrafted roasting process to ensure we bring out the best flavors in each and every coffee we offer.

Quality Certified

We ensure the highest trustworthy standards from crop to cup. As a Safe Quality Food Level 2 Supplier, our roasting plant undergoes regular rigorous audits to maintain our industry certifications.