Laboratory Technician

Job Summary:

The primary function of this role will be to provide high quality samples from Copper Moon Coffee to potential new customers in order to show that Copper Moon can meet and exceed the customer’s needs, which is a critical role in obtaining new business. This process can include receiving samples from the customer’s current supplier and matching them with Copper Moon products, supplying the customer with specific samples they request, and creating new varieties of samples in the laboratory.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for using sensory techniques and laboratory instrumentation to accurately measure and analyze variables including taste (with and without additional flavorings), color, particle size, and sample weight.
  • Responsible for all manual tasks pertinent to the creation of benchtop samples including flavor additions, mixing, weighing, packaging, sealing, labeling, and sending all new customer sample requests/matches.
  • Responsible for communicating and collaborating with Copper Moon sales representatives in order to obtain instructions and specific details regarding the preparation and delivery of samples.
  • Work with/communicate with plant operators, shift managers, and other plant personnel to coordinate roasting/procurement of samples and matches needed for new customer projects.
  • Schedule and coordinate times for group tasting as needed.
  • Communicate/Coordinate with third party flavor development companies in order to obtain flavors for any samples requiring specific flavoring as an additive.
  • Responsible for gaining an innate understanding of Copper Moon Coffee’s various roasts and blends, specifically in regards to flavor components, as well as the plant production capabilities (sizes, weights, bag types, etc.).
  • Communicate with Quality Manager/Director of Operations as needed

Additional Skills and Qualifications:   

  • Strong communication skills are mandatory. This role will require a large amount of social interaction. Success in this position will be dependent on the ability to effectively and efficiently communicate and interact with multiple departments and plant operators.
  • Strong time management skills, ability to learn quickly and work independently is mandatory.

Ability to do intermediate arithmetic, necessary for scaling samples up or down to size, as well as creating flavor blends with one or more flavors at varying percentages by weight.

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