3rd Shift Production Supervisor

Job Type: Non-Exempt
Reports to: Production Manager
Direct Reports: Hourly Shift Plant Employees
Location: Lafayette, Indiana

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Copper Moon Coffee is a commercial coffee roastery in Lafayette, Indiana. We source, roast, package, and ship coffee for customers all over the country. Our customers include those in wholesale, retail, and online markets. We also brew and serve our out-of-this-world coffee at several world-class cafés in Lafayette and West Lafayette.

The Production Supervisor position is responsible for maximizing productivity while showing continuous improvement in scrap, safety and quality objectives in a team-based environment. This position must also ensure that the lines are run efficiently at all times with the correct number of employees. Due to the dynamic nature of our business, duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally, either verbally or in writing.

Essential Functions

  • Ensure production lines are running efficiently
  • Must be actively working with a continuous improvement mindset
  • Maintaining product quality parameters
  • Planning / Organizing
  • Daily housekeeping for the shift
  • Assurance of compliance with plant Good Manufacturing Processes
  • Safety Audits
  • Responsible for monitoring, record keeping, and taking appropriate action for specified Food Safety Plan, Food
  • Quality Plan and prerequisite program requirements
  • Responsible to report food safety and quality issues to management
  • Timely completion for objectives
  • Daily Production, Operating and Efficiency Reports
  • Line Start Ups & Shut Downs
  • Employee Training for shift employees
  • Evaluations
  • Safety
  • Retention
  • Responsible for monitoring, record keeping and taking appropriate actions for specific Food Safety Plan and
  • Food Quality Plan and pre requisite program requirements.
  • Responsible to report food safety and quality issues to management

Work Environment

This job works majority of the time on the plant floor and occasionally in an office.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Excellent Communication skills – written & verbal
  • Must be an independent thinking with the ability to make decisions quickly
  • Must have a sense of urgency coupled with the ability to proactively solve problems
  • Must display initiative and ingenuity
  • On the job training regarding Training by HACCP Coordinator
  • Striving, Teamwork, Ethics / Integrity / Trust, Attitude and Commitment, Diversity
  • Customer Service
  • Company Engagement
  • Quality
  • Cost Consciousness
  • Personal Development
  • Planning/ Organizing

Education & Experience

  • 4-year degree in any of the following disciplines: Food Science, Management Supervision, FMO (Food Manufacturing Organization) or equivalent years of experience
  • 3-5 years in Food Manufacturing or related industry preferred
  • 1-2 years Supervisory experience
  • Computer proficient – MS Office
  • Technical knowledge of food related equipment
  • Must possess excellent leadership qualities with a proven track record of leading others

Physical Requirements

  • Sitting – to complete a task at lower levels
  • Standing – to complete most all tasks
  • Walking
  • Climbing – to get to parts department, when using ladder, on equipment
  • Reaching – to perform activities, to get tools out of toolbox
  • Kneeling – to perform work activities at low levels
  • Crawling – to perform work activities under equipment
  • Squatting
  • Bending/stooping – to pick up tools or parts, to perform work tasks at lower levels or inside a machine
  • Twisting – to perform work activities
  • Pinch – to use tools, to manipulate wires
  • Grasping/handling – using tools, manipulating parts
  • Available to work a flexible work schedule
  • Must be able to lift/carry boxes of product components weighing up to 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to tolerate a warm climate working environment
  • Must wear appropriate safety and GMP gear in designated areas of the plant
  • Able to walk and/or stand on concrete floors for long periods of time
  • Able to ambulate hands and fingers to operate necessary equipment for the position, which includes a telephone, computer, radio, etc.