Warehouse Operations & Fulfillment Manager

Job Type: Full-Time/Exempt
Reports to: Director of Operations

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Copper Moon Coffee is a commercial coffee roastery in Lafayette, Indiana. We source, roast, package, and ship coffee for customers all over the country. Our customers include those in wholesale, retail, and online markets. We also brew and serve our out-of-this-world coffee at several world-class cafés in Lafayette and West Lafayette.

We are seeking a conscientious and highly motivated individual with analytical skills to join our company as the Warehouse Operations & Fulfillment Manager. Our ideal candidate has at least 5 years’ experience supporting fulfillment operations and warehouse teams.

Essential Functions

  • Monitoring daily fulfillment activity at 1-2 warehouse locations.
  • Tracking and reporting on performance, especially on-time fulfillment and fulfillment accuracy.
  • Helping warehouse teams prioritize work from multiple sales channels.
  • Detecting, containing, and resolving issues that stem from production, systems, the website, or training.
  • Helping the customer service and sales team provide outstanding customer experiences while maintaining operational efficiency.
  • Ensuring consistency of data across systems: Key elements include orders, fulfillments, and movements of inventory.
  • Tracking expenses and measuring efficiency to recommend improvements to workflows and warehouse activities that would save time or cost. Could include slotting, pick-pack, backorders, and reverse logistics.
  • Managing physical and virtual inventory. Physical: cycle counting, shrinkage, work orders.

    Work Environment

    This job operates mainly in a warehouse setting and occasionally in an office setting.


    Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

    • Qualitative and quantitative thinking.
    • Analytical and decision-making problem-solving skills
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Able to work in excel with proficiency
    • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
    • Excellent time management skills and ability to meet deadlines.

      Education & Experience

      • Bachelor’s degree required
      • At least 5 years’ experience in ecommerce and warehouse fulfillment.

        Physical Requirements

        • Ability to sit for extended periods of time.
        • Ability to lift 25 pounds.
        • Ability to carry 25 pounds.