Quality Lab Technician

The Lab Technician position functions as essential support for the needs of Copper Moon Coffee. This position will work closely with our Quality Specialist to assume responsibility for all aspects of quality analysis, reporting, monitoring and design. The Lab Technician will also be responsible for providing high quality samples to potential customers, a critical factor in obtaining new business. This role requires the ability to communicate with multiple departments including but not limited to, Sales, Operations, and company executives.

Key Responsibilities:

• Design and produce tools and equipment to maintain and improve product quality and plant efficiency

• Evaluate data and write reports to validate and show deviations from existing standards

• Recommend modifications of existing quality or production standards to achieve optimum quality

• Assist in the required monitoring of the quality management system for the purpose of maintaining the organizations certification

• Monitor nitrogen levels on production floor

• Responsible for gaining an innate understanding of Copper Moon Coffee’s various roasts and blends

• Work with plant operators and other personnel to coordinate roasting/procurement of samples and matches needed for new customer projects

• Schedule and coordinate times for group tastings as needed

• Analyze roast level, particle size, brewing efficiency of any returned/damaged/defective product to find a solution for current or future issues

• Maintain lab environment including general housekeeping and cleaning equipment

Skills and Qualifications:

• Associates/Technical degree with coursework in chemistry, biology and environmental science

• Lab experience in lieu of education considered

• Ability to do intermediate arithmetic

• Strong communication skills are a must

• Ability to learn quickly and work independently

• Working knowledge of GMP preferred

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