Roasting 101

Copper Moon Coffees are carefully and lovingly batch roasted in our perforated drum roasters. These roasters are decidedly different than what is used by other big-name coffee brands. While their closed drums burn and char the coffee beans, we use perforated drum roasters to preserve a consistent flavor and aroma at a lower roasting temperature. This process makes our final roasts both uniquely smooth and full-bodied. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to maintain the perfect temperature from the “first crack” until the final roast. Our passion is to deliver coffees that are perfectly roasted with a uniquely smooth taste that brings out the best in each and every blend we offer.


We intentionally keep our inventory level low to ensure that our coffees retain maximum freshness from our door to yours. Before we begin our perfected roasting process, we slice each of our bags one at a time. We then run all of our coffee beans through our cleansing process to make sure they are properly cleaned and aerated before we perfectly roast each bean.