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More than 25 million people in countries all around the world depend on a locally grown coffee harvest for their daily livelihoods.


One of our core values is to treat each other with dignity and respect. Our commitment is to strengthen every community we serve and it drives our dedication to sourcing coffee beans from growers who practice ethical and sustainable models of coffee production.

We care about your coffee “from crop to cup” and every step in between.

Copper Moon supports Fair Trade Certified™ and Organic Certified™ coffee purchasing. That means we provide a fair and sustainable wage to coffee farmers all around the world. We believe our purchases and partnerships help coffee farming families enjoy a better standard of living in their local community.

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Leading Through innovation

As single serve beverages increase in popularity due to their convenience and ease, we wanted to develop a better solution to boost flavor and recycle waste. After much hard work and innovation, we are pleased to introduce Copper Moon Coffee Recyclable Cups.

Using #5 polypropylene plastic for our recyclable cups creates a significant step towards ensuring our consumers will have a convenient coffee choice with minimal environmental impact. We are excited to continue leading the way within the coffee industry to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions that serve both palate and planet.


Leading Through Relationships

We believe trust is a two-way street. So we only work and partner with people whom we trust, who can also trust us. Long-term relationships are essential to our success as a company. Over the years, we have developed relationships with farmers, processors, and exporters to ensure our coffee beans arrive at our roasting plant properly labeled and in perfect roasting condition.

In the same way that a “Copper Moon” is a perfect alignment of our planet with the Sun and Full Moon, we make every effort to align with people we can trust to provide us with the kind of coffee beans that will produce the perfect roast for your perfect cup of coffee. With this in mind, we have developed personal relationships with coffee farmers in both Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Knowing both estate owners and employees by name helps to strengthen communication and commitment on both sides to provide you with the best coffee possible.