Copper Moon Coffee is the Top Choice for Universal Studios Florida

Copper Moon Coffee is the Top Choice for Universal Studios Florida

ORLANDO, Florida — We are excited to announce that Copper Moon Coffee is the top choice for all theme park restaurants, venues, and hotels at Universal Studios Florida!

Universal Studios Florida was looking for better equipment, branding, service, and most importantly “better-tasting coffee.” Copper Moon Coffee initially competed with numerous roasting companies. The long list was whittled down to a competition between four nationally recognized brands. In the end, Universal Studios loved the taste and quality of Copper Moon Coffee and the service they receive from our Distributor, Howard Queen, and the Sovereign Coffee & Tea team along with their partner, Roberto Brunetti of Paramount Refreshment Solutions in Pompano Beach, Florida. Our new program will provide Universal Studios Florida with our perfectly roasted coffees annually.

Cary Gutwein, President of Copper Moon Coffee says, “This was a great example of the Roaster working jointly with our Distributor and the prospective customer to understand the customer’s coffee needs. With our Distributor, we were able to present a complete program and cup all the coffee in one meeting.”

Universal Studios was seeking a 3-tiered program from one supplier that provided the following:

  1. A “front-of-the-house coffee” for white-linen restaurants & resorts.
  2. A “back-of-the-house coffee” for team members & restaurant options.
  3. A selection of specialty flavored coffees with unique flavor profiles.

We presented many of our Copper Moon® brands for their “front-of-the-house” selection, and they chose our 100% Colombian. For their “back-of-the-house” selection they chose our Chef’s Select House Brand, a very smooth Foodservice style coffee. Then, they fell in love with the Caribbean Delight flavor of our Manatee Gourmet Coffee. That coffee is a trifecta of flavor: Hazelnut, Coconut, and Caramel all-in-one. They were also won over by the Manatee brand when they learned we also donate a portion of our Manatee Gourmet Coffee proceeds to protect and maintain the manatee population in Florida’s coastal waters. And when they learned that we also sell our Manatee coffees in most of the Costco Wholesale stores in Florida, that was also a big bonus.

After our partnership began with Universal Studios Florida in the Spring of 2017, Universal has said they love our selections, and it has made a big difference in all their venues (including among their employees and staff). When Copper Moon Coffee works in close cooperation with our Distributors to learn what our customers want, we can do much more than the competition.