Our Journey

Starry-Eyed Dreamers Who Are Passionate About Perfect Coffee

For thousands of years, civilizations have been fascinated by the precious beauty of the rarely seen “Copper Moon.” A brief moment when the Sun, Earth, and Full Moon perfectly align, turning the silver Moon to a fiery copper during the Lunar Eclipse.

We Believe Everyone Deserves

Perfect Coffee in Every Cup

Reach for the Moon®

A Brief History of Copper Moon Coffee

Fueled by Coffee

Always starry-eyed dreamers; even back when we started our very first company at the age of nine (yes, nine). We were fueled by coffee and inspired by the way it always seems to bring people into the same orbit. As brothers, we grew up working together as a family, and we were fortunate to embark on our next mission together in 2007 when we launched a coffee company that was out of this world.

Handcrafted on Earth

Since day one, Copper Moon Coffee has sourced premium, sustainably grown, Arabica beans from coffee farmers across five continents all around the planet.

“Ground Control”

We continually refine our roasting process to guarantee perfect beans in every bag. And we manage our inventory to deliver the freshest coffee possible every time, one that’s uniquely smooth and never bitter. Consider it our version of “Ground Control.”

Not Rocket Science

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand a company is nothing without its crew.

Coffee Creates Its Own Gravity

Along our voyage, we developed a company culture to encourage growth, with teammates who share our passion and values. It all reflects a conviction that good coffee creates its own gravity. Bringing people together, building relationships, igniting conversation, all to inspire that next otherworldly idea. 

The Right Roast

When the stars align, great things can happen. We believe the secret lies in having the right roast for every occasion. Whether it’s grabbing a cup of Blast Off to rocket into your day; sipping Dark Sky while burning the midnight oil, or brewing up a pot of Stargazer after a night spent sleeping under the stars. Enjoy a satisfying taste that is…