Roasted to Perfection

Handcrafted on Earth

Out-Of-This-World Coffee

Inspired by the perfect alignment of a Copper Moon, our family roastery has focused on a simple mission: to create evenly roasted, uniquely smooth, high-grade coffee—giving you a perfect taste that is simply out of this world.

Handcrafted Process

From 5 Continents to Your Front Door

First, we receive the best beans from 17 different countries. Before we bring the heat, we slice open every bag one at a time. Then we clean our beans and thoroughly aerate them before perfectly roasting each one.

Our Roast Won’t Burn Your Beans!

We have a very delicate roasting process to ensure we bring out the best flavors in each and every coffee we offer.

Different by Design

From the First Crack Until the Final Roast

There is a big difference between our batch roasters and other big coffee companies. Their closed drums burn the beans while ours protect the smooth flavor and aroma at a perfect temperature.

Copper Moon Coffee always goes above and beyond to “Reach for the Moon” with our roasts. We continually refine our roasting process to guarantee perfect beans in every bag.

What is the Difference Between Light, Medium, Dark, and Strong Roast Coffee?