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Copper Moon Coffee has created our own globally sustainable coffee bean sourcing program focused on Social, Economic, and Environmental impact.


Supporting inclusion by empowering women farmworkers and fostering their well-being and dignity through long-term relationships.


Supporting the income of small coffee farmers by boosting economic security and combatting poverty with fair and sustainable wages.


Supporting climate change adaptation and mitigation by backing coffee farming that protects biodiversity, including organic production.

Strong Women = Strong Coffee

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I am a 5th generation coffee producer and have witnessed the enormous benefits coffee carries to our society, our environment, and the planet.

Maria Pacas, IWCA El Salvador

As part of a coffee farmer family, I’m convinced we need to share with people the knowledge about the meaning of an excellent cup of coffee.

Flor Duarte, IWCA Guatemala

Sustainably Sourced
Across 5 Continents
From 17 Countries

Commitment to Sustainability

We work with coffee growers who respect the land and are good stewards of our environment.

Our Actions Matter

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Copper Moon Coffee only selects high-grade beans, grown at lofty altitudes within tropical climates where soils are rich with nutrients—the key to growing great coffee.