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Shipping Policies

We provide free shipping on all qualifying orders. The discount only applies within the 48 contiguous states.

Yes! When you purchase more than $45 of coffee through our Online Shop, your shipping is 100% FREE. Learn more about this and other special offers on our Shipping Policies.

We provide shipping options via UPS to all 50 states in the USA and all 10 provinces in Canada. However, due to the extraordinary freight charges outside the 48 contiguous United States, free shipping is unavailable for Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada. When an order totals over $35 and the shipping discount is automatically applied for shipment to either Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, our Customer Service will contact the consumer to arrange for payment of the actual shipping charges.

Copper Moon Coffee provides shipping via UPS and they will only accept shipments to a valid street address. UPS does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. Your shipping request addressed to a P.O. Box will be delayed and will require an address correction before shipment. Additionally, Army Post Office (APO) and Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses are not accepted.

Our centrally located Indiana roastery means orders arrive as quickly as possible, whether heading to the East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between. We offer UPS shipping options for Ground, 2-Day or Next Day. Your coffee products will be shipped after it is roasted and packaged (not necessarily the same day you order). Due to extraordinary travel time to locations outside of the contiguous United States, a shipping estimate will be calculated for Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada in the Shopping Cart.

Please look for your order confirmation email in your inbox and click the orange “View Your Order” button to review the status of your delivery. From that page, you can also track your order via UPS or get updates by text.

If you can not find the confirmation email in your inbox but have an account on our website, you can find your UPS tracking information in your account. Please take the following steps to track your shipment via UPS.

1. Log in to your account:
2. Click on your order number:
3. Click on the UPS tracking button to track your package via UPS

Your package should deliver on the scheduled delivery date. UPS captures shipment movement information when a tracking label is scanned in the UPS delivery system. However, there may be several days between scans if the shipment is going cross-country.

If you have any questions about your order, please Submit a Request.

We are sorry for the frustration you may be experiencing if your order has not arrived yet. Please look for your order confirmation email in your inbox and click the orange “View Your Order” button to review the status of your delivery. From that page, you can also track your order via UPS or get updates by text.

If you can not find the confirmation email in your inbox but have an account on our website, please take the following steps to confirm your order has shipped.

1. Log in to your account:
2. Click on your order number:
3. Click on the UPS tracking button to track your package via UPS

If your order does not say “Fulfilled” on the order detail page, then the UPS link will update you on the progress of your shipment. However, if it does say “Fulfilled” and the package is not at your confirmed delivery address, please Submit a Request.

If you just placed your order, have confirmed that the coffee has NOT shipped, and it is a weekday between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm EST, please call 1-800-486-1198 immediately, and we should be able to refund your order and issue a new one.

If your coffee has already shipped or was delivered and either an error was made or you are not happy with the coffee, please call us or Submit a Request, so we can understand how to make it right. However, since coffee is a perishable product, we CAN NOT accept any coffee returns.

Coffee is a perishable product, so we DO NOT accept any coffee returns (unless a Coffee Expert specifically requests a return in writing). However, if an error was made, you are not happy with the coffee, or you received a damaged product, please contact us so we can make it right.

Please contact Copper Moon Coffee, within 14 days of the original order date should your coffee order arrive damaged or include the wrong product(s). All shipping charges are non-refundable, and the Refund Policy does not extend beyond the 14-day window.

Customers must contact Copper Moon Coffee within 14 days of the original order date if an order arrives damaged or includes the wrong product(s). We will credit your account with a refund after our warehouse receives your non-perishable drinkware or wearables.

Coffee is a perishable product, so we DO NOT accept any coffee returns. However, if an error was made, if you are not happy with the coffee, or if you received a damaged product, please get in touch with us so we can make it right.

PLEASE NOTE: All shipping charges are non-refundable, and the Refund Policy does not extend beyond the 14-day window.

If you have a VIP subscription with 20% off ongoing savings, you can manage your subscription by logging into your Copper Moon Coffee account. Please take the following steps to log in and access your subscription settings.

1. Log in to your account:
2. Click on the big “Manage Subscriptions” button above your shipping address
3. Click “Manage Subscriptions” next to the subscription(s) you want to manage
4. Scroll down the page and click the subscription setting you need to manage

Options you can manage:
• Next Charge Date
• Delivery Schedule
• Product (Swap)
• Skip Shipment
• Shipping & Billing
• Cancel Subscription

You also have the option to “try something new” by either adding a one-time product to your next shipment or starting another subscription by scrolling over one of the featured products. You can also click the tabs to manage your delivery schedule, purchase history, shipping address, and payment methods.

Official Certifications

To ensure the highest standards from crop to cup, our coffees feature industry-recognized seals of approval.

Yes! All of our coffees are verified by OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher, the world's largest and most widely recognized Kosher standards agency.

All of our 100% Organic coffees are guaranteed organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and are grown in natural, eco-friendly conditions in Central and South America. Organic certification verifies that farms, crop harvesters, and handling operations comply with organic regulations to maintain their organic integrity.

Learn more: USDA Organic Coffee Maintains Organic Integrity from the Farm to Your Front Door

All of our 100% USDA Organic coffees have the word “Organic” in the product title and they are packaged in either a white bag or white box with the green and brown USDA Organic logo featured prominently on the packaging.

Learn more: USDA Organic Coffee Maintains Organic Integrity from the Farm to Your Front Door

Although the coffee growers we work with do not have Fair Trade certification, they do respect the land and are good stewards of both the environment and the farmers who grow and harvest our coffee beans.

Learn more about our sustainability program: SEE Copper Moon Rising.

Allergen Facts

We want to protect you from allergic reactions. And we have gone to great lengths to ensure your safety.

Yes, all of our coffees are gluten-free, including all of our Flavored Coffees. The coffee bean is a drupe (stone fruit) which is similar to an olive or a cherry and contains no gluten-producing grain. Learn more about drupes on Wikipedia.

Yes, all of our coffees, along with our Roasting Plant and production facility, are allergen-free. We do not use any of the eight major allergen groups defined by the FDA (no dairy, no eggs, no fish, no shellfish, no tree-nuts, no peanuts, no wheat, and no soy). Although our Flavored Coffees are naturally and artificially flavored, none of our coffees contain any nuts or peanuts, and both our roasting and production areas are Nut-Free Zones.

People with "bean allergies" can also rest assured—coffee beans are technically not "beans" (legumes). Coffee is made from the "seeds" of a coffee tree, which are inside drupes (stone fruit), similar to olive seeds or cherry seeds. Learn more about drupes on Wikipedia.

No, we do not add any sugar into our high-grade coffee bean blends.

Copper Moon Coffee Nutritional Info is available in the Café area of our website.

The pH levels of Copper Moon Coffee range from 5.3 to 6.5 (with 7.0 being neutral). Our Dark Roast, Flavored, and Decaffeinated coffees have lower acidity.

We slowly roast our coffee beans to achieve lower acidity than leading competitors. Based on in-house test results, our Dark Roast, Decaffeinated, and Flavored coffees have proven to be as much as 10X less acidic than other name brand coffees and 40X less acidic than a standard cola.

“Low Acid” refers to the pH level of the brewed coffee, a measure of acidity or alkalinity of water-soluble substances (pH stands for ‘potential of Hydrogen’). A pH value ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 being the middle (neutral) point. Values below 7 indicate acidity (which increases as the number decreases), with 1 being the most acidic. Therefore, a higher pH level has lower acid.

Water typically has a pH range from 6.5 to 8.5. The pH levels of Copper Moon Coffee range from 5.3 to 6.5, offering less acid than most beverages in the soda aisle at your local grocery. By comparison, cola has 2.3 to 3.1, energy drink has 2.4 to 3.6, sweet tea has 2.8 to 5.2, and sports drink has 2.9 to 3.2.

How Strong is It?

All of our high-grade coffees are evenly roasted and uniquely smooth, with a taste that is out of this world.

Yes, our Blast Off Strong Roast uses a unique blend of darker roasted, rare (difficult to find) coffee beans. Our proprietary blend and roast are designed to maximize the caffeine while not compromising the flavor.

Yes—we offer four Dark Roast varieties with rich, bold, and smokey tasting notes: Rainforest Reserve Organic, Sumatra Blend, Espresso Roast, and our best-selling Dark Sky.

To learn more, read about all of our roast levels:
What is the Difference Between Light, Medium, and Dark Roast Coffee?

Espresso is a strong, finely ground, dark roasted coffee brewed by quickly forcing hot water through the beans. Cappuccino is also a coffee drink at our cafés that combines espresso and milk. Shop our Espresso Roast.

NOTE: Copper Moon currently offers Espresso and Espresso Decaf for our Foodservice customers and French Roast Smooth Crema Espresso for our Vending Coffee Machines.

Arabica Beans have a wide range in taste and smell. They are a more delicate bean produced in the tropical regions at a high elevation. They are more expensive due to the hands-on production process.

Almost all Copper Moon Coffee varieties use 100% Arabica Beans.

Robusta Beans have a neutral to harsh taste and an oatmeal-like texture. They grow in low elevations, are heartier for rough handling, and yield higher pounds per acre. They are less expensive due to a more mechanized method of harvesting.

The caffeine levels of Arabica beans are roughly half the level of Robusta beans. Typically, Arabica has less than 1.7% caffeine while Robusta has up to 2.5%. Our top-secret blend of these beans combined with our Strong Roast, gives our Blast Off coffee 1.5x more caffeine than other coffees—creating a smooth yet intensely strong coffee.

Everyone has a unique palate, and the taste of coffee is a very personal experience. We suggest trying different coffees to find a favorite. Need brewing suggestions? See “Let's Brew Coffee” and “Brewing & Storing” below. Or feel free to contact a Coffee Expert.

Caffeine & Decaffeination

The most intriguing decaf coffee for coffee lovers who don’t want the caffeine.

An average 8 oz cup of Copper Moon Coffee has between 90–120 milligrams of caffeine. While darker roasts have lower caffeine and lighter roasts have higher caffeine, on average, our Dark Roast has around 90 milligrams, our Medium Roast has about 100 milligrams, and our Light Roast has up to 120 milligrams of caffeine.

If you are a hardcore coffee lover looking for more caffeine per serving in your cup, our Blast Off Strong Roast has between 180–200 milligrams of caffeine per cup, which is over 1.5x to 2x more than the caffeine in an average cup of coffee (100 milligrams). Our “Strong Roast” liberates the maximum amount of caffeine from the beans while maintaining a smooth yet intensely strong coffee that gets you ready for “blast off” after one sip!

To learn more, visit: How Much Caffeine Is in a Cup of Coffee?

Most people think Espresso Roast has the most caffeine, but brewed coffee is proven to have more. A single 2 oz. Double Espresso shot has about 80 milligrams of caffeine. Whereas an average 12 oz. brewed coffee has about 120 milligrams of caffeine. And our Blast Off Strong Roast formula provides over 1.5x more caffeine than other coffee.

Generally, darker roasts have less caffeine than lighter roasts because the coffee bean is roasted longer, which typically cooks out more caffeine during the roasting process. The longer roast also gives a Dark Roast its “bold” flavor profile.

Learn more about roast levels: What is the Difference Between Light, Medium, and Dark Roast Coffee?

While people think “decaffeinated” means caffeine-free, this is a common misconception. Since caffeine naturally occurs in all coffee beans, no natural Whole Bean or Ground coffee can ever be 100% caffeine-free. However, the Swiss Water® Process decaffeinates coffee naturally until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free.

Using only three elements—water, temperature, and time—the Swiss Water® Process carefully coaxes the caffeine from the coffee. Each variable is closely monitored for ten hours during a 6-step process, ensuring the flavor and character of the coffee remain untouched, making Swiss Water® Decaf the most sustainable, chemical-free, environmentally-friendly decaffeination possible.

To learn more about Swiss Water® Decaf coffee:
Swiss Water® Process Makes Naturally Amazing Chemical-Free Decaf Coffee

Brewing & Storing

We want you to know how to brew and store your Copper Moon Coffee. See also: Let's Brew Coffee.

Yes—our Single Cups are K-Cups* usable in most single-serve brewing systems.

*Copper Moon Coffee is not affiliated with the K-Cup® trademark.

For maximum freshness, using an airtight, opaque canister or glass container away from light in a cool, dry place will preserve the best taste. Do not freeze ground coffee. Always remember air, light, and moisture reduce freshness. After opening your bag of Copper Moon Coffee, tightly roll and seal the bag using the attached sticker, or transfer the coffee to an airtight container.

Coffee beans may be decorative and beautiful to look at, but you will compromise the taste of your coffee if you store your beans in ornamental, glass canisters on your kitchen countertop. Doing so will cause your perfectly roasted coffee beans to become stale, and you will notice your coffee quickly losing its fresh flavor.

You need perfectly ground coffee (or freshly roasted beans to grind), clean brewing equipment, and quality water. Also, make sure you clean the coffee pot and coffee maker once a week.

Yes, you need to make sure you thoroughly clean all of your equipment before you begin. The coffee will take on the flavor of your brewer if it is not clean. So the cleaner the machine, the purer your coffee will taste.

Yes, for a pure coffee taste, use filtered or bottled water. And be sure to use cold water. DO NOT use distilled or softened water. Processed water is more acidic than filtered or bottled water; which also contains minerals that contribute to the overall taste and flavor extraction.

Yes, if you are grinding whole bean coffee at home, a burr or mill grinder is preferable to use because all of the coffee is ground to a consistent size. Keep this in mind: if your coffee tastes bitter, maybe it was ground too fine. On the other hand, if your coffee tastes flat, your grind is probably too coarse. Our Copper Moon Coffee grind maintains optimal brewing consistency.

Some super-automatic espresso machines with an internal grinder recommend not using very oily coffee beans. While our Espresso Roast Whole Bean is roasted darker for a bolder espresso taste, more oil is released from the Dark Roast. The oil is actually a result of the roast level and not the origin (longer roasts release more oil on the surface of the beans). With this in mind, a Medium Roast may be better for fully automatic coffee and espresso makers with built-in coffee grinders.

One other thing to note: oil on the surface of beans can either be due to a Dark Roast or because they are very old. Age and exposure to oxygen over time pulls lipids out of all coffee beans, regardless of roast level. So your older, stale coffee beans will become more oily than fresh coffee beans. However, darker roasts get oily almost immediately after they are roasted, but this does not mean they are stale or old.

If you would still like to try a Dark Roast Whole Bean with your built-in grinder, our Rainforest Reserve Organic is a little less oily than our other Dark Roast coffees.

A general rule of thumb is to scoop 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. This amount can be adjusted to suit your unique tastes and preferences (less water = stronger coffee). When it comes to Single Cups, smaller cups sizes brew stronger.

Your brewer should maintain a water temperature between 195º–205º Fahrenheit for optimal flavor extraction. If the water is too cold, you run the risk of under-extraction, and the coffee may end up weak or sour. And if the water is too hot, you run the risk of over-extraction, leaving the coffee bitter.

Usually, a drip or a filter-brew coffee maker with paper or plastic filters are the most common brewing option in addition to single-serve brewing machines.

Yes, storage is integral to maintaining the natural freshness and flavor profile of Copper Moon Coffee. It is mission-critical to keep all coffee (both bags and single cups) away from excessive air, moisture, heat, and light—in that order—to help preserve its fresh-roast flavor for as long as possible.

Café FAQ

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