Indiana Grown Supports Hoosier Businesses

Indiana Grown Supports Hoosier Businesses

Article by Marlee Thomas, WLFI News 18

TIPPECANOE COUNTY (WLFI) — Through the Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA), the Indiana Grown organization promotes, supports, and markets Indiana products.

"Basically if you grow, produce or process ag products in Indiana you can be a member of Indiana Grown," said Crouch. "It costs the members nothing to be a part of Indiana Grown."

Indiana Grown began six years ago and now has more than 1800 members.

"We promote, support, and market Indiana grown, processed, or produced products," said Crouch. "By being part of that network, it allows us to promote them, support them, to network and to be able to provide technical assistance when needed."

Located in Lafayette, Copper Moon Coffee is a local business that's part of Indiana Grown.

"We roast millions and millions of pounds of coffee, package it right here in Lafayette, and ship all over the country," said the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Copper Moon Coffee, Nick Thompson.

Thompson said Indiana Grown has been nothing but helpful for Copper Moon Coffee.

"I think some people might think we might be some corporate company," said Thompson. "So Indiana Grown kind of helps us bridge that gap to communicating that we are here in Indiana and we are a local business."

Thompson says the bags of coffee at the Lafayette roasting and packaging facility are from all over the world.

"Our coffee comes from 17 different countries," said Thompson. "We roast everything here and it goes right out into stores or even if you were to buy it on our website,, it'll be delivered to your house in two or three days."

Thompson said Indiana Grown has helped get Copper Moon Coffee on the grocery store shelves.

"We're on the local shelf at your Meijer grocery, and also Kroger, Payless here in town," said Thompson. "So if you shop those stores you'll see Copper Moon Coffee on the local Indiana Shelf."

As you finish up your Christmas Shopping, Crouch encourages shoppers to keep the local Indiana Grown businesses in mind.

"I encourage everyone to shop local to the extent that they can," said Crouch. "Because you're supporting your neighbors but you're also keeping your money in your community."

This article was first published on WLFI News 18.